We provide best-in-class payment solutions designed to make your business more streamlined from top to bottom.


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The Complete Payment Solution

The power of Company.com’s Payment Technology means simple, secure and reliable payment processing along with the industry's most innovative payment technology, all coupled with the software features you know and love.

Just for Our Users...

Exclusive rates ensure you save between 10 and 40% on processing fees, and transparent pricing means you’re never left wondering what you’re paying for each month.

We aggressively manage interchange rates and includes Level II and Level III data with all transactions to ensure you get the lowest rate possible every time.

The benefits don't stop there.
We provide an entire suite of added features to make accepting and managing payments as effortless as possible.

Next Day Funding

Simplified Reconciliation

Payment Security

PCI Scope Reduction

Real-Time Reporting

Transaction Management


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